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What our clients say

" FlowVision helped reduce our inventory by 50% along with achieving a 14% gain in productivity. We completed our transition on schedule and within budget... FlowVision's approach is math and science not art. "

Scott Gaster

VP Operations

Alliance Laundry Systems

" Flow Vision has been a valuable asset to the success of Cisco Lean and has worked diligently with our design and implementation team to validate and implement concepts on our partner sites. They supported contract manufacturers with best-practice factory design. "

Don McLaughlin

Vice President

Cisco Systems

" ION gives us a more intelligent, algorithm-based demand forecast, where previously we just did everything on spreadsheets "

Denis Wolowiecki

Senior Director Global Powertrain and Electrical Sourcing


" This is our market advantage. "

Hans J. Sack



FlowVision Benefits

Our customers see real results within weeks of implementing FlowVision

Reduce Inventory
by up to 40%

Reduce Lead Times
by up to 98%

Increase Inventory Turns
by up to 3x

Reduce Workmanship quality related issues by 50%

Trusted by Dozens of Fortune 500 and Global 1000 Customers

Deployed in over 700 facilities

Over 20 years experience in deploying Lean Flow

Turning Vision into Reality