FlowVision is a True Partner

Overview of services

Due to FlowVision’s roots in lean consulting, our consultants have an average of 14 years lean consulting experience and are experts in change management. While our software can be implemented in a matter of days, FlowVision offers comprehensive training around Lean Flow Practices.


Implementation is so much more than simply configuring and mapping fields. FlowVision wholeheartedly subscribes to the adage of “garbage in garbage out;” if your data is full of inaccuracies, we will help you identify and address these issues. By ensuring that customers are set up correctly on day one, we have found that we are able to significantly accelerate time-to-value. We promise not to leave you with a solution that “performs as designed” but isn’t delivering your team any value.

Change Management

Too many software companies simply provision the software and walk away; because our consultants have lived and breathed lean methodology their entire careers, we spend time making sure that your team and organization understands best practices while helping you set targets and goals that you can objectively measure. Our software algorithms are patented. Unlike competitors who must “black box” their algorithms, we can show you what they are and how they work, which gives planners more confidence in the data that they are making business decisions on. FlowVision’s consultants will train your team on concepts and make sure that we leave you in a position to embrace and leverage Lean Flow Methodologies.


FlowVision provides a dedicated consultant to help you achieve your long-term goals. This consultant will understand your unique challenges and opportunities and is there to both offer best practices and work hand in hand to address problems and find solutions.

Turning Vision into Reality