Rack Item Optimizer

RIO Overview

Improve profitability by filling your racks more efficiently and dynamically upselling your customers

Optimize your Loading Process

RIO is the result of over twenty years of Supply Chain strategies, and over 16 years of LEAN in the Green Industry experience. Our patented software will allow you to more closely manage your logistical payloads and ensure that your customers are receiving their product with the highest level of accuracy while exceeding quality standards.

Completely Fill

Many growers today leave it up to their dock employees to determine what to put on the plant racks; this is time consuming and, in most cases, leads to partially filled racks. RIO puts the supply chain in your control, allowing you to optimize your racks and truck loads. The tried and true First Fit Decreasing algorithm will allow your order entry team to completely fill the racks before the orders are routed.

Reduce Transportation Costs

Sending out partially filled racks to your customers significantly increases transportation costs, while simultaneously costing growers opportunities to upsell their customers to full racks. Once an order is imported, RIO instantly calculates the number of racks required as well as each rack’s capacity (percent full).


RIO provides a level of visibility that will not only position your sales team to increase sales, but will also drastically decrease the confusion on the shipping dock due to logistical challenges accompanying incomplete racks. RIO’s patented algorithms, along with multiple sorting capabilities, will allow for orders to be optimized whether the customer is an independent garden center or a big box store.


RIO Racks Sheets are created for every rack and essentially become individual packing slips, making receiving more efficient while minimizing discrepancies. The rack sheet has the supermarket rack sequence number identified so the employees know what rack in the supermarket to pull the product from. This makes shopping quick and easy while helping to mitigate the risk of picking the wrong product.


RIO is ERP/MRP agnostic. We can integrate with nearly any system and have
numerous examples of multiple different ERP integrations for the same customer

Be Up and Running in Days

Our implementation and support consultants average over 15 years in Lean Flow
expertise and are experts in change management.

What our clients say

Your product life cycles are shorter, marketing campaigns are short-lived and Engineering simply
must be on-time, on-budget and exceeding all design criteria.

" Using math-based analysis, we figure we have received a return on our money within 6 months on each implementation we have done. Increasing our shipping capacity by 20% with no capital expenditures and increasing our propagation productivity by 30%. "

Dave Vanbelle

General Manager

Vanbelle Nursery

Turning Vision into Reality