Inventory Optimization Network

Overview of ION

Dynamically determine your optimum inventory levels by using our patented algorithms


With inventory levels, you cannot just “set it and forget it.” Customer demands and business needs change. It is important to have a solution to adapt your inventory needs to changing demand. Based on actual demand, ION can dynamically determine the optimum inventory to carry on a daily basis.


Designed to have an intuitive workflow, ION drastically simplifies a planner’s life by empowering them with actionable and easy to understand data. ION flags any items that need review and presents them to the planner in a visual manner so that the planner can quickly make reorder point decisions.


Buying requirements seamlessly move from the planning phase to the buyer. ION takes into account minimum order quantities (MOQ), lead times, package size, inventory in the supply chain, and backlog to make sure the buyers have all relevant information at their fingertips.


Approvals and permissions are easily handled through the ION configurable role-based approvals engine, which allows users to easily set, review and approve supply chain decisions.


Management can quickly understand where current inventory levels are versus optimum inventory levels and can hold their teams accountable. They can quickly drill down to the part number to understand which areas hold the largest opportunities for optimization. Along with intuitive visualizations, ION’s highly configurable reporting engine allows for detailed analysis on almost any data within ION as well as simple “one click” exporting.


ION is ERP/MRP agnostic. We can integrate with nearly any system and have
numerous examples of multiple different ERP integrations for the same customer.

Be Up and Running in Days

Our implementation and support consultants average over 15 years in Lean Flow
expertise and are experts in change management.

What our clients say

" I knew there had to be better ways to manufacture our products. FlowVision helped us understand these better ways through Lean Flow principals and they guided our implementation to where we are operating today at levels beyond what I ever imagined possible. Our quality improved 25%, our on time delivery for the last half of last year was 99.7% and we reduced work in process from 1-1/2 weeks to less than 8 hours. But best of all, our planning group has complete control of what manufacturing is working on. "

Joe Campbell

Director of Commercial Operations


Turning Vision into Reality