Business Assessment

Understanding Your Business

FlowVision’s Lean Flow Methodologies are based on math and science and therefore can be implemented in almost any environment.  However, we have found that for us to be able to deliver results that matter to you, we need to understand your specific business and market. During the process of getting to know your specific business, we are able to baseline your current performance including output, staffing, and speed.

Identifying Opportunities For Improvement

Once we have a sense of your current businesses and processes, we come up with a list of opportunities that are prioritized by ease of implementation and largest financial impacts.  In addition, we can calculate the difference between work content time and response time, which is the basis for the bulk of our calculations. We can reliably and quantifiably give you an ROI estimate because our approach is based in math and science, not art.

Understanding Your

• Speed-to-Market
• Reduce Lead Time
• Improve Fill Rate
• Reduce Inventories
• Improve Cash Flow
• Improve Working Capital
• Reduce Cost of Carrying
• Increase Inventory Turns
• Reduce Floor Space
• Greater Productivity
• Improve Quality


At the end of the Business Assessment, FlowVision will deliver a detailed assessment detailing which Lean Flow Principles make the most sense to implement in your business. We will also lay out the timeframe, scope, and a detailed ROI of the implementation. While some activities require FlowVision support, we often find that many implementations can be executed by our clients without any further involvement from FlowVision personnel. In those cases, FlowVision will provide documentation that includes detailed procedures, policies, and measurements that may be necessary to fulfill the deliverables.

Turning Vision into Reality