Spare Parts & Warranty Departments

How to Implement Lean Flow
For Spare parts and warranty dept

Selling a product to your customer is often only the beginning of the relationship; servicing the customer after the initial sale is often both a requirement and a lucrative revenue stream. Unlike the initial sale, which may have been forecasted by a sales team, warranty and spare parts departments have to manage inventory against unforecastable demand.

Depending on the product and potential service agreements with the customer, waiting on a part is not an option. Whether your customers are running cleanrooms, traditional manufacturing facilities, hospitals, or machine shops, the downtime costs can quickly escalate into the millions when idle labor costs and lost opportunities start to mount. ION empowers your supply chain teams to analyze and optimize your inventory based on the service levels that you have promised your customers.

All too often supply chain managers carry too much inventory in order to make sure they can meet a surge in customer demand, no matter how rare. The reality is that companies carry too much of certain items and too little of others; it is more important to have the right mix of items based on a desired service level. ION can quickly and easily solve this problem by giving intuitive visibility to supply chain teams about what and how much to stock based on historical usages, variation in demand, lead times and desired service levels. Typically, ION users see a reduction in overall inventory while increasing overall fill rates.

FlowVision helps Alliance Laundry Reduce Inventory and Lead Times

Lean Flow helps Alliance Laundry Systems deliver a highly configurable product without carrying significant inventory.

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