High Tech

How to Implement Lean Flow
For High Tech

Manufacturing in a high-tech environment presents many challenges. The challenge of manufacturing highly complex products with unique metrology issues is further complicated by relatively high obsolescence risk and a competitive environment that creates short product life cycles.

Typically, high-tech products require specialized, controlled manufacturing environments which can often cost well into the millions of dollars to build. Often times these facilities are not set up in a way that allows them to scale production up and down on specific products quickly. FlowVision helps companies make their facilities more responsive through flowing products through manufacturing processes that are linked together, which significantly reduces WIP while drastically increasing quality. This ensures that companies can quickly adjust to changing demand, new products and can maximize their selling window on products with short lifecycles.

Because of the short life-cycles associated with high-tech, if a company carries significant finished good inventory, then there is a substantial obsolescence risk associated with that investment. ION helps companies avoid significant inventory write downs by optimizing current inventory levels and gives planners a dynamic real-time solution to understand the entire inventory picture. As new products are developed, they can easily be mapped to the products they replace so historical demand data flows through to new products.


FlowVision helps Flextronics operationalize Lean Flow throughout their supply chain.

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