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FlowVision is a Management Consulting Group Delivering a Complete Suite of Lean Services for Operations and the Supply Chain

The Need

Your business moves more rapidly today then ever before. “Time-to-market” is an obsolete phrase. The new yardsticks for success? Time-to-volume, time-to-profitability or time-to-acceptable-yield.

Your product life cycles are shorter, marketing campaigns are short-lived and Engineering simply must be on-time, on-budget and exceeding all design criteria. FlowVision addresses all of these when implementing Lean with you, throughout your business.

While success has new measures, your report cards remain the same. The balance sheet, the income statement and cash flow reports are the ultimate evidence of a businesses success. Your management must seek out the tools that will have the best, most direct impact on your report cards.

A Lean implementation provides those tools, dramatically improving your top-line revenue, cost of goods sold, customer satisfaction and every aspect of asset optimization.

Too often, management embarks on initiatives that have minimal impact on the balance sheet or income statement. These initiatives may impact cash flow, but in a negative way. Many of these initiatives fail and never become a “way of life.”

What’s missing? The science for improving operations and the supply chain. Methodically designed facilities. Engineered supply chains. Measurable operations results – on the “report cards.” We at FlowVision provide this much needed science that directly impacts financial reports.

The Approach

Your business, and your business needs, are unique to your company and culture. The one-size-fits-all approach to consulting simply does not work. At FlowVision, we tailor our customer engagements to meet your needs and your budget.

A typical engagement begins with an on-site Business Assessment. We send experienced business consultants for a 2- to 4-day period, to analyze thoroughly your entire operation. Upon completion of the Assessment, we deliver a full report detailing all the benefits, costs, time frames, target areas and techniques associated with our proposed Lean Flow implementation. We generate a detailed return-on-investment analysis as a basis for your business justification of all future work.

The Benefits

A poorly-configured facility or a sub-par supply chain damages a company’s reputation, financial statements and investor confidence. Conversely, well-designed operations provide a sustainable market advantage, enabling you to significantly outperform competitors in customer service, quality and cost controls. Just some of the benefits associated with a Lean Flow implementation include:

Reduce time-to-profitability

Reduce time-to-volume

Improve cash flow

Improve customer satisfaction

Reduce Lead Time

Reduce Floor Space

Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs

Improve Service Levels (Fill rates)

Reduce Inventory

Reduce Warehouse

Increase Productivity

Reduce Lost Sales

Reduce Time-to Acceptable Yield

Reduce Inventory Obsolescence


The Costs

FlowVision provides scalable solutions for any size business. A typical investment made in FlowVision’s winning solutions will provide a 4-to-1 to 10-to-1 payback within the first full year of implementation. Our Business Assessment details all benefits and costs.

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Winning Solutions



“This is our market advantage.” Timken President, Hans J. Sack, referring to their deployment of FlowVision’s Rapid-Lean.

Hans J. Sack
Timken Steel