Lean Flow Train the Trainer Workshop Education

How to Train and Maintain a Flexible Workforce

The Need

Your workforce is the key to successful, profitable, efficient day-to-day Lean Flow execution: people who are flexible, self-directing, quality conscious, and know how to keep product moving toward the customer. You also know that your workforce, in your facility, has the potential.

Your company needs only to develop and use a Lean Flow flexible-employee training curriculum – customized for your unique combination of processes, work environment, workforce skill-sets and local culture – for both existing and new employees. Training to ensure that your workforce understands critical Lean Flow techniques, such as:

  • Visual signals to work and to flex
  • Quality documentation for work tasks, quality and safety
  • Flexing – when and where
  • Identifying value-added vs. non-value-added work
  • Continuous-improvement techniques
  • Materials movement and replenishment

That’s easier said than done. Your trainers – and your workforce – have neither the time nor patience to develop your own internal Lean Flow training, trial-and-error style. You need expert, customized, hands-on training on how to develop, well… training.

You need our FlowVision Train the Trainer Workshop. We are Lean Flow experts – we implement it, we teach it, we train it. Our Line Design Workshop gives your trainers the tools and understanding to create and provide Lean Flow training for your workforce.

The Approach

Our Train the Trainer Workshop is a hands-on, 2-day session. We provide foundational slides and ideas. We guide your trainers to create and customize a Lean Flow flexible-employee training curriculum for your unique workforce and environment.

The workshop focuses on developing an overview, as well as specifics, of fundamental Lean Flow techniques and how to use them.

The Benefits

Your trainers will be able to present to your workforce a customized training course on Lean Flow tools and techniques for your combination of processes, work environment, workforce skill-sets and local culture. These tools and techniques include:

  • In-process kanban
  • Standard operation worksheets
  • Visual instruction sheets
  • Employee movement
  • Value-added vs. non-value-added work
  • Kaizen techniques
  • Material kanban

Your trainers will leave our workshop with the knowledge, understanding and tools to develop and present Lean Flow workforce training for your current and future workforce.

The Costs

Our pricing varies, based on the nature of your production processes, the number of students and whether the workshop is private or public.

Contact us

Call FlowVision at +1.970.262.6536 or contact us to enroll in our Lean Flow Train the Trainer Workshop.

Lean Flow Train the Trainer Workshop Education



“Our decision to go with FlowVision was based on their experience and their approach toward training our employees as we implemented their services.”

Scott Gaster
Vice President and General Manager
Alliance Laundry Systems, LLC