Retail Lynx

FlowVision introduces Retail LYNX™: The Cost-Effective Software Solution that Increases Sell-through and Reduces Shrink with Correct Mix and Quantity at the Stores and on the Shipping Dock

The Need

Your store stocking and replenishment decisions likely involve considerable guesswork, emotion and opinion. You would like to use an objective, fact-driven stocking technique, especially since you have:

  • Data – historical sales by product and store, forecast, availability and store-level inventory targets; and
  • Strategic targets – service levels, sell-through, store-level inventory targets.

What you need is an objective, fact-driven technique that results in consumption-driven replenishment – customer demand pulls products from the dock to the stores and from the growing areas to the dock, not the subjective “push” approach you may use today.

The Approach

FlowVision’s Retail Lynx applies a patent-pending statistical analysis to historical sales data and recommends a reorder point (ROP) for each product at each store. This ROP supports your strategic service-level and sell-through targets. Retail Lynx also accommodates product MOQs (minimum order quantities, such as a rack’s worth) and order multiples (such as a shelf’s worth). Your planner analyzes Retail Lynx’s recommended ROPs and modifies them as required based on forecast, availability, weather and dollar-value targets. As actual sales consume product on-hand at each store, on-hand quantities drop below ROP, triggering a “pull” replenishment of consumption. For growers selling to big box stores and independent garden centers, Retail Lynx provides the stores’ buyers with recommended store-level mix and quantity.

This stand-alone application runs on your database that you can deploy in weeks.

A typical Retail LYNX engagement begins with an on-site Business Assessment. FlowVision provides experienced business consultants for a 2- to 4-day period, to analyze thoroughly your supply-chain needs. Upon completion of the assessment, we deliver a full report detailing all the benefits, costs, time frames, target areas and techniques associated with our proposed Lean Flow implementation. We generate a detailed return-on-investment analysis as a basis for your business justification of all future work.

The Benefits

Increased sell-through, typically to 95% or more. Reduced shrink, typically to 10% or less. Fresher product in stores. Increased productivity, typically 20%-40%, in your shipping processes. Reduced planning time – Retail Lynx’s user-friendly screens and graph-based displays enable quick, visual, exception-driven analysis.

FlowVision’s expert consultants ensure that Retail Lynx interfaces properly with the grower’s data sources and business systems, and that all users receive the proper training.

Our “Rapid-Lean” implementations enable you quickly to achieve significant return-on-investment in as short period of time. Professional implementation services deliver simultaneously reduced inventory and increased order-fulfillment rates.

The Cost

FlowVision provides scalable solutions for any size business. A typical investment made in FlowVision’s services will provide a 4-to-1 to 10-to-1 payback within the first year of implementation. Our Business Assessment details all costs and benefits.

Download a Retail LYNX Product Data Sheet.

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Retail Lynx



“Our customers in the Horticultural Industry asked for a solution that would cost-effectively support Statistical Kanban™, manage the inventory at the retail stores as well as hard goods inventory within their four walls. Retail LYNX fulfills that need.”

Gary Cortes
Founding Partner
FlowVision, LLC