FlowVision Introduces Our Newest Software Product:

The Need

Many growers today do not have an optimal way of loading racks. Many leave it up to their dock employees to determine what to put on the racks. This is time consuming and in many cases inefficient. Another issue facing growers is knowing when full racks are going out to a customer. Sending partially filled racks increases your transportation costs. Sending partially filled racks is a lost opportunity to upsell your customer.

The Approach

RIO is the result of over twenty years of Supply Chain strategies, and over 12 years of LEAN in the Green Industry experience. Our software will allow you to more closely manage your logistical payloads and ensure that your customers are receiving their product with the highest level of accuracy while exceeding quality standards.

RIO puts the supply chain in your control, allowing you to optimize your racks and truck loads. The tried and true First Fit Decreasing algorithm will allow your order entry team to completely fill the racks before the orders are routed. This visibility to the orders will not only position your sales team to increase sales but will also drastically decrease the chaos caused on the shipping dock due to incomplete racks on orders driving the logistics team to ship air. The designed patent pending algorithms, along with multiple sorting capabilities, will allow for orders to be optimized whether the customer is an IGC or a big box store. Racks sheets like the one shown below are created for every rack. These rack sheets become individual packing slips and make receiving more efficient, while minimizing discrepancies.

Rack Sheet

Master pull sheets replace the pull by order methodology most growers use today. They increase efficiency in the pulling process, reducing travel time, as well as reducing tractor requirements.

Master Pull

RIO implementations can create benefits that include:

  • Fully optimized racks
  • Increased payloads, less air being shipped
  • Increased productivity at loading dock
  • Reduced credits/claims
  • Increased sales through upselling your customer

Download a RIO Product Data Sheet.

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