Meet the Founders

FlowVision, LLC was founded in 1998. Three partners Michael Henderson, Gerson Cortés, and David Pytel envisioned creating a company that provided their clients the consulting services to help improve their financial performance and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Mike Henderson has over thirty years manufacturing management experience and has implemented Lean Flow manufacturing concepts in over a hundred manufacturing companies. He has been educating and implementing Lean Flow Manufacturing concepts for over 17 years.  His implementations have been in a variety of manufacturing industries including:  high-tech, garment, aerospace, nursery and medical equipment.  He has extensive worldwide implementation experience is PCBA manufacturing, fabrication, assembly and machining. He is the creator of many of FlowVision‘s educational offerings and a key individual in developing FlowVision’s Statistical Kanban™. Mr. Henderson is considered to be one of the world’s experts in supply chain design, execution and management. He has traveled the globe lecturing on a variety of topics important to major corporations looking to establish their vision for future operational plans.

Gerson “Gary” Cortés has over 25 years of management consulting experience in a wide variety of industries.  He has been a Lean Flow Business Consultant since 1991. Mr. Cortés has help lead upper management in industries that range from high-tech to capital equipment intensive industries. These businesses included companies that deployed marketing strategies from make-to-order to make-to-stock with volumes as low as a few per month to as high as a thousands per minute.  Some of the products where Mr. Cortés implemented Lean Flow include: ultrasound equipment, Cat-Scan medical equipment, sanitary ware, semiconductor capital equipment, networking equipment, SMT line, apparel, electromechanical equipment, young plants, finished plants, cut flowers and tissue culture. Gary created a new business vertical for FlowVision in the Horticultural Industry and FlowVision is now widely recognized as the leading consulting company in the world. Mr. Cortés has worked extensively in the Far East, Europe, Central and South America lecturing and implementing Lean Flow Manufacturing concepts. Mr. Cortés is fluent in Spanish making him a frequently invited guest lecturer throughout the Spanish speaking world.

David Pytel has been educating and implementing Flow Manufacturing concepts for over 17 years.  His implementation experience has been in a variety of manufacturing industries including:  garment, aerospace, medical equipment, and high-tech. His significant experience in strategic planning makes him a sought-after speaker that has lead to lectures around the globe. He is recognized as a popular speaker relative to Lean and Flow business concepts. Mr. Pytel has played a key role in helping fortune 500 companies establish their vision for future operations as well as establishing and implementing the plan for success. Mr. Pytel not only teaches all educational classes available from FlowVision including Advanced Lean Flow Business Strategy, Lean Flow in the Office and Statistical Kanban™, he is the creator of several educational offerings.  Mr. Pytel has implemented flow-manufacturing concepts in over one hundred manufacturing companies and his Supply Chain Design experience sets him apart and above all others in the industry. The implementations he has lead have been successfully completed in every type of manufacturing business, from appliances to clothing and from high-tech to power plants.

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Meet the Founders


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