Lean Supervisior & Workforce Training Workshop

“Hit the Ground Running” – as One of the World’s Most Efficient Facilities

The Need

You’ve quantified your Lean Flow benefits. You have optimized your processes. Using FlowVision’s math-based Lean Flow techniques, you have re-engineered your facility to be one of the world’s most efficient. Now it’s time to turn vision into reality – the big moment – bringing your Lean Flow line live.

The fact is, it is your operations workforce that faces the biggest challenge to making that first day, that first week, successful, with minimal stress and disruption. Why? Your workforce must now remember, and do, more than their previous production tasks and skills: They are now executing Lean Flow – every unit and hour of every day.

Your workforce needs a good, professionally-presented review and discussion of the Lean Flow tools and techniques they will be employing. They need this review right before you bring your Lean Flow facility “live.”

Your operations team needs FlowVision’s Supervisor and Workforce Lean Flow Workshop. We are Lean Flow experts. We mathematically design Lean Flow, we implement it, we teach it. Our Workshop provides the details so your operations leaders and workforce may immediately execute your Lean Flow business strategy, minimize first-week disruption and maximize benefits.

The Approach

Our 90-minute Supervisor and Lean Flow Workshop is not simply seminar or lecture. It is review, demonstration and discussion on these topics:

  • What is Lean Flow?
  • Why are we implementing Lean Flow?
  • How does this impact my job?
  • In-process kanbans
  • Standard operation worksheets
  • Visual instruction sheets
  • Perform checks and double checks
  • Employee movement – “flexing”
  • Kaizen techniques
  • Use of material kanban

The Benefits

Your workforce’s Lean Flow enthusiasm will run high, prior to “line live.” Understandably, that enthusiasm will remain high when they and their line perform at near-design levels – the first shift, the first day and the first week.

FlowVision’s 90-Minute Supervisor and Shop Floor Lean Flow Workshop ensures that your operations team “hits the ground running.” You will avoid the disappointment, discouragement, confusion and disruptions of first-day Lean Flow inexperience and anxiety. Your workforce will immediately see and be part of one of the world’s most efficient facilities – yours!

Here are typical results from the 90 minute workshop:

  • Employees learn how to support your Lean Flow business
  • Employees are ready for “change”
  • Employees understand Lean Flow is about science and not about “working harder”
  • Management’s Lean Flow message is delivered concisely and consistently
  • Work content is clearly explained
  • Quality, and the science behind the quality, are detailed

The Costs

Our pricing varies, based on the number of students. This educational investment makes certain your Lean Flow implementation will success from the first day.

Contact us

Call FlowVision at +1.970.262.6536 or contact us to enroll in our 90-Minute Supervisor and Workforce Lean Flow Workshop.

Lean Supervisior & Workforce Training Workshop


“Your investment in your people will ensure your success. Our instructors provide real-world, hands-on education that enables your employees to be ready, and your Lean Flow Lines to be up and running, the very first day”

John Denzel
FlowVision, LLC