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Sustaining Your Lean Implementation – Formalizing Statistical Kanban™

The Need

People, technology and processes – they are all critical to any successful change-management initiative. Lean is no different: Education gets your people ready to think in new, Lean ways. Your implementation activities address your processes. You also need software tools, to address the technology changes so vital to sustaining and formalizing your Lean strategy.

Statistical Kanban™ delivers to your organization both reduced inventory and increased service levels. Your Lean initiative and its financial, customer service and quality benefits will have transformed your company. However, after the consultants are gone, and your team dissolves, how do you formalize and sustain all of your Lean benefits?

The Approach

FlowVision offers software solutions specifically designed to support Statistical Kanban™.

Whether you need to manage inventory only within your four walls, or along your extended supply chain - from all of your global distribution sites to every supplier – FlowVision software solutions fulfill this need.

The Benefits

Just as your business environment is unique, so are your potential benefits. Our software solutions provide benefits you won’t find in ERP or MRP systems. The impact includes:

  • Formalizing the kanban methodology
  • Providing a calculator for Statistical Kanban™
  • Ensuring compliance to internal controls
  • Collaborating with suppliers and customers
  • Ensuring visibility into the value chain
  • Providing triggering methodologies to establish a true “pull” system

We are confident you will find your FlowVision software-solution benefits most compelling.

The Costs

FlowVision provides scalable solutions to meet your business needs.

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