Lean Flow Root Cause Education Workshop

Continuous Improvement Identify and Eliminate Impediments to Lean Flow Optimization

The Need

Whether you are preparing to implement Lean Flow or improving your existing business processes, your efforts uncover issues that impede ideal flow and optimal inventory. Over the years, and facing various pressures, your business – like all businesses – has “worked around” certain problems. What better time than now to identify, address and correct the root causes of these issues and problems, eliminate the “workarounds” and achieve your best Lean Flow results?

Just as your Lean Flow implementation uses data-driven tools, techniques and analyses, so your root-cause effort. You need our FlowVision Lean Flow Root Cause Workshop. We are experts – we have the mathematical tools to model Lean Flow. We implement it, and we teach it. We also teach proven root-cause-analysis techniques for you to use before, during and after your Lean Flow implementation.

Our Root Cause Workshop equips your team members with techniques and experience, so they are thoroughly prepared to identify, address and correct your Lean Flow impediments.

The Approach

Our Lean Flow Root Cause Workshop is not a lecture or seminar on theoretical techniques. It is hands-on – the students actually apply root-cause-analysis concepts, as they learn them, with real-world workshop exercises.

The Workshop uses an effective teaching method: First, students see a root-cause-analysis concept. Then, students and instructor discuss the concept. Next, the students apply the concept, hands-on. Finally, the instructor and students’ apply the concept to the students’ processes, products, materials and facilities.

Using this method, the Root Cause Workshop presents all the data-driven analytical techniques – often using FlowVision Lean Flow data. This workshop defines clearly all the data that goes into the analyses.

This two-day Workshop goes beyond foundational concepts and data. It provides, in every student’s accompanying workbook, the details. It prepares your internal experts to unleash their knowledge and talents. It requires students to define a relevant root-cause project, which is developed during the Workshop. After the Workshop, students complete their projects – and report project results and control measures to your management.

The Benefits

The Root Cause Workshop provides a Lean-process-optimization, continuous improvement overview, and explains:

  • Process Optimization Tools and Methods
  • Root Cause Methods
  • Defining Your Root Cause Project
  • Creating Your Project Team
  • Process Mapping
  • Team Process Mapping for Your Project
  • Cause-and-Effect Diagrams
  • The Cause-and-Effect Matrix
  • Hands-On Cause-and-Effect-Matrix Exercise
  • Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Developing Your Team FMEA Project
  • Tools for Quality
  • Basic Data Development and Analysis
  • Data Development for Your Team Project
  • Mistake–Proofing
  • Process-Control Planning
  • Developing Your Team Control Plan
  • Project Documentation and Closure
  • Developing and Presenting an Executive Summary

Here are typical results for facilities with optimized Lean Flow:

  • Production lead time and work-in-process inventory reduced by 75%
  • Finished goods reduced by 50%
  • On-time delivery 90% or higher, achieving targets
  • Workforce productivity up 12%
  • First-full-year return on investment from 4-to-1 to 10-to-1
  • Cash goes up as inventory goes down
  • Floor space is cleared and available for future growth
  • Working capital and other financial measures reflect the results

The Costs

Our pricing varies, based on the nature of your production processes, the number of students and whether the Workshop is private or public.

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Lean Flow Root Cause Education Workshop


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