Lean Office Education Workshop

Designing – and Running – Efficient Administration and Support Organizations

The Need

When it comes to office efficiency, you have heard all the “low-hanging fruit” clichés. These trite truisms are certainly, well, true. After all, businesses have focused efficiency efforts on production, not the office, for decades.

But your office processes are not so easy to improve: Some may appear to be non-repeatable, some involve complicated rework and approval loops, and most do not seem to be directly linked to revenue. However, your business intuition tells you that your office processes present you with cost-reduction, cash-flow and customer-service opportunities, such as:

  • Order processing
  • Engineering changes
  • Accounts receivable and payable

You need experienced help designing and running efficient administrative and support organizations. You need person-to-person Lean Flow education, conducted by an experienced, real-world instructor.

You need our FlowVision Lean Office Workshop. We are experts – we have the mathematical tools to model Lean Flow. We implement it, and we teach it. Our Lean Office Workshop equips your management and Lean Flow implementation team members with techniques and experience, so they are thoroughly prepared to make your office one of the world’s most efficient.

The Approach

Our Lean Office Workshop is not theoretical lecture or seminar. It is hands-on – the students actually apply Lean Flow techniques, as they learn them, to implement Lean Flow in office processes familiar to you.

The Workshop uses an effective teaching method: First, students see a Lean Flow technique. Then, students and instructor discuss the technique. Next, the students apply the technique, hands-on. Finally, the instructor and students’ conceptually apply the technique to the students’ processes, products and facilities.

Using this method, the Lean Offce Workshop presents all the calculations – the mathematical basis for FlowVision Lean Flow. It defines clearly all the data that goes into the calculations.

This Workshop is more than foundational math and data. It provides, in every student’s accompanying workbook, every detail in our step-by-step approach to a Lean office. It prepares your leadership and systems for the Lean Flow change: supporting, managing and sustaining your Lean Flow implementation. It prepares your production experts to unleash their knowledge and talents. It unifies your Lean Flow implementation team in techniques, tools and terminology.

The Benefits

The Lean Office Workshop enables you and your team to begin and maintain a quick, steady pace during your Lean Flow implementation. It eliminates the potential for confusion in terminology, disagreements over techniques and order of implementation priority. It equips your team to use facts, not emotion, and convert your business to one of the world’s most efficient offices.

Here are typical results:

  • Improved response time to customers by 70%
  • Documented, consistent, repeatable processes, work tasks and quality verification
  • Workforce productivity up 15%
  • Improved office physical layout
  • Significantly reduce “quote to cash” time
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Elimination of lost documents
  • Reduction in overhead costs

The Costs

Our pricing varies, based on the nature of your production processes, the number of students and whether the Workshop is private or public.

Contact us

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Lean Office Education Workshop


"All departments throughout the company, Sales and Marketing, Distribution, Production, Administration, Mechanics and Maintenance, have coordinated their efforts to make Lean Flow work throughout the company."

Mike M. Mellano
Mellano & Co.