Lean Materials Strategy Education Workshop

Engineering and Managing a Service-Level-Focused, Profitable Supply Chain

The Need

In your business world, you wage an ongoing marketplace war. In that war, you win the daily battles with your supply chain – high service levels, short response times, frequent engineering changes and unpredictable customer-demand patterns.

You must also win the financial-performance war. Your supply chain poses enormous potential unfavorable cash-flow, inventory-velocity, obsolete/slow-moving and profitability risks. Your business cannot afford a pyrrhic service-level “victory” on the supply-chain battlefield, at the expense of poor financial returns.

You need an engineered, mathematically-designed supply-chain strategy. A strategy that is driven, not by forecasts that are unreliable at the individual-product and component level, but by actual customer demand. A strategy that balances your strategic target service levels against your inventory-performance and cash-flow goals. A strategy that employs proven, time-tested, math-based techniques.

You need our FlowVision Lean Materials Strategy (LMS) Workshop. We are experts – we have the mathematical tools, including our proprietary Statistical Kanban™, to design your Lean supply chain. We implement LMS, and we teach it. Our LMS Workshop equips your management and Lean-supply-chain implementation team members with calculations, tools, techniques and experience, so they are thoroughly prepared to optimize your supply chain .

The Approach

Our LMS Workshop is not mere lecture or seminar. It is hands-on – the students actually apply Lean Flow techniques, as they learn them, to implement Lean Flow in our portable workshop.

The Workshop uses an effective teaching method: First, students see a Lean Flow technique. Then, students and instructor discuss the technique. Next, the students apply the technique, hands-on. Finally, the instructor and students conceptually apply the technique to the students’ unique supply chain circumstances.

Using this method, the LMS Workshop presents all the calculations and tools – the mathematical and computer-model basis for FlowVision Lean Flow. It defines clearly all the data that goes into the calculations.

This Workshop is more than foundational math, models and data. It provides, in every student’s accompanying workbook, every detail in our step-by-step approach to a Lean supply chain. It prepares your leadership and systems for the Lean Flow change: supporting, managing and sustaining your Lean Flow implementation. It prepares your materials-management, planning, sales and marketing experts to take full advantage of your Lean supply chain as a weapon in your marketplace – and on your financial statements. It unifies your Lean Flow implementation team in techniques, tools and terminology.

Your LMS students will learn:

  • How to identify underlying, preventable causes of poor supply-chain performance
  • Step-by-step, engineered methodology to transform your supply chain
  • How to dramatically reduce the negative effects of inherent demand and supply variability
  • Implementation strategies for purchased components and manufactured products
  • When and how to use forecasted and actual demand
  • How to leverage your existing supply chain tools
  • Key metrics of an optimized Lean supply chain

The Benefits

The LMS Workshop enables you and your team to begin and maintain a quick, steady pace during your Lean Flow implementation. It eliminates the potential for confusion in terminology, disagreements over techniques and order of implementation priority. It equips your team to use facts, not emotion, and convert your supply chain to a powerful and effective “weapon.”

Here are typical FlowVision Lean Materials Strategy implementation results:

  • Increased flexibility and decreased inventory liability at the product and component levels
  • Quantifiable, predictable off-balance-sheet purchasing obligations — no surprises!
  • Reduced exposure to cancellation and rescheduling penalties
  • Minimized component shortages
  • Improved customer-service levels and reduced inventory in the supply-chain pipeline

The Costs

Our pricing varies, based on the nature of your production processes, the number of students and whether the Workshop is private or public.

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Lean Materials Strategy Education Workshop


“There is over $900 billion of waste in global manufacturing supply chains, 30% in electronics value chains alone. Waste in this context is associated with the unnecessary costs and time delays caused by inefficient coordination of basic operations across and increasingly fragmented global supply and distribution network. Electronics firms have done great work in ‘leaning out’ their internal processes, but a much larger opportunity exists across the value chain.”

Bob Parker
Group Vice President
Manufacturing Insights