Lean Leadership Training Workshop

Sustaining the World’s Most Efficient Facilities

The Need

Lean Flow is a business strategy, not a project. To execute it, sustain it, and reap its benefits – every unit, hour, shift and day – your first-line supervisory leaders and operations workforce must understand both the how and why of Lean Flow.

Your operations leaders need Lean Flow details: what techniques are most effective, which best apply to your environment, what benefits they offer. And most importantly: what role does each of your operations leader play in your successful Lean Flow business strategy.

You need our FlowVision Operations Lean Leadership Workshop. We are experts – we have the mathematical tools to model Lean Flow. We implement it, we teach it. Our Workshop provides the how and why Lean Flow – details so your operations leaders and workforce may execute your Lean Flow business strategy, and maximize its benefits.

The Approach

Our 4-hour Operations Leadership Workshop is not simply seminar or lecture. It includes hands-on exercises, so your workforce leaders may actually experience Lean Flow techniques that they will use every day, in a portable Lean Flow workshop facility.

The Workshop presents everything your operations team will have in their Lean Flow toolbox. It addresses these specifics:

  • What is Lean Flow?
  • Why are we implementing Lean Flow?
  • How does this impact my job?
  • In-process kanbans
  • Standard operation worksheets
  • Visual instruction sheets
  • Employee movement – “flexing”
  • Kaizen techniques
  • Use of material kanban
  • Hands-on Lean Flow exercises

This Workshop addresses how Lean Flow eliminates the unproductive, frustrating, nuisance tasks that currently affect your operations workforce every day, including: inventory counts, component restocking, rework and waiting.

The Benefits

Lean Flow takes full advantage of your most valuable asset – your people. Your operations workforce will execute your Lean Flow most effectively and efficiently when they understand their role in its success and benefits. On a day-to-day basis, it is your operations leaders who will sustain your business as one of the world’s most efficient facilities.

Here are typical “most efficient facility” results:

  • Production lead time and work-in-process inventory reduced by 75%
  • Finished goods reduced by 50%
  • On-time delivery 90% or higher, achieving targets
  • Workforce productivity up 12%
  • First-full-year return on investment from 4-to-1 to 10-to-1
  • Cash goes up as inventory goes down
  • Floor space is cleared and available for future growth
  • Working capital and other financial measures reflect the results

The Costs

Our pricing varies, based on the number of students and whether the Workshop is private or public.

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Lean Leadership Training


I knew there had to be better ways to manufacture our products. FlowVision helped us understand these better ways through Lean Flow principals and they guided our implementation to where we
are operating today at levels beyond
what I ever imagined possible….But best of all, our planning group has complete control of what manufacturing is working on. Thank you FlowVision.

Joe Campbell
Director of Commercial Operations