Lean in the Green Industry Workshop

Living Product, Seasonal Market, Efficient Facility

The Need

If you are in the green industry –from cut flowers, seed production to finish-growing – you contend with more variables than most other businesses: Weather, sunlight, temperature, humidity, pest control, live and ever-changing product, short shelf life, unclear quality standards, unpredictable raw-materials quality and space availability to name a few.

For all the variables, you also deal with fixed, unfavorable financial realities:

  • Your products require direct-labor “touches,” and most touches add only cost, not value
  • Your customers – even the pre-books – change their minds at the last moment
  • Your sell-through – when your products are at maximum cost and represent potential revenue – is low, and may comprise your most significant lost opportunity
  • Your facility is enormous and your product mix is broad, so non-value-adding workforce “travel time” is costly
  • Your products and processes are highly seasonal and unpredictably spiky, generating long hours, long days, air freight, demurrage, mistakes and product damage
  • Living products that don’t sell when expected require more touches – only to be sold at a discount – or they must be “dumped” at full cost

Of course, your competitors also face these same challenges. You need a business strategy that will enable you to address the unfavorable financial realities of your green industry. You and your staff need fact-based techniques and tools.

You need our FlowVision Lean Flow Green Industry Workshop. We are experts – we have the mathematical tools to model Lean Flow. We implement it, and we teach it. Our Green Industry Workshop equips your management and Lean Flow implementation team members with techniques and experience, so they are thoroughly prepared to make your facility one of the world’s most efficient – variables and all.

The Approach

Our Green Industry Workshop is not a marathon lecture or seminar. It is hands-on – the students actually apply Lean Flow techniques, as they learn them, to implement Lean Flow in a portable workshop facility.

The Workshop uses an effective teaching method: First, students see a Lean Flow technique. Then, students and instructor discuss the technique. Next, the students apply the technique, hands-on. Finally, the instructor and students’ conceptually apply the technique to the students’ processes, products and facilities.

Using this method, the Green Industry Workshop presents all the calculations – the mathematical basis for FlowVision Lean Flow. It defines clearly all the data that goes into the calculations.

This Workshop is more than foundational math and data. It provides, in every student’s accompanying workbook, every detail in our step-by-step approach to Lean Flow in the green industry. It prepares your leadership and systems for the Lean Flow change: supporting, managing and sustaining your Lean Flow implementation. It prepares your production experts to unleash their knowledge and talents. It unifies your Lean Flow implementation team in techniques, tools and terminology.

The Benefits

The Line Flow Workshop enables you and your team to begin and maintain a quick, steady pace during your Lean Flow implementation. It eliminates the potential for confusion in terminology, disagreements over techniques and order of implementation priority. It equips your team to use facts, not emotion, and convert your business to one of the world’s most efficient facilities.

Here are typical green-industry results:

  • Labor productivity up 20%-40%
  • ”Dumped” product down 90%
  • On-time delivery 90% or higher, achieving targets
  • Shipping errors down 90%
  • Sell-through 95% or higher
  • Growing-space turns up 50%
  • Overtime down 75%
  • Customer satisfaction up
  • Profitability, working capital and other financial measures reflect the results

The Costs

Our pricing varies, based on the nature of your production processes, the number of students and whether the Workshop is private or public.

Contact us

Call FlowVision at 970-262-6536 or contact us to enroll in our Lean Flow in the Green Industry Workshop.

Lean in the Green Industry


“Utilizing lean/flow concepts in our packing and shipping area has allowed us to more than double our throughput with the same resources. FlowVision took the guesswork out of implementing lean/flow which facilitated our ability to accurately process more orders and grow our business.”

Karl Batschke
Production Manager

Ball FloraPlant
Costa Rica