Executive-Level Lean Flow Education Workshop

How to Drive, Support and Sustain the World’s Most Efficient Facilities

The Need

As an executive in your business, you shoulder a weighty fiscal responsibility – driving financial results that are not simply great, but ever-improving. Your dedication, expertise, analysis and intuition have resulted in financially-beneficial initiatives that are now a “way of life” for your business.

Certainly, you know the well-established fiscal benefits of Lean Flow – benefits your competitors may already be seeking – and you have likely ventured into some efforts to implement various techniques. However, all initiatives – including Lean Flow – have a cost to implement, and you are charged with pursuing those that present the most compelling return on investment, or ROI.

To make the best-informed decision, you need Lean Flow details: what techniques are most effective, which best apply to your environment, what benefits they offer. And most importantly: how to quantify your potential Lean Flow benefits.

You need our FlowVision Executive-Level Lean Flow Workshop. We are experts – we have the mathematical tools to model Lean Flow. We implement it, we teach it, we quantify its benefits. Our Workshop provides Lean Flow details so your executive team may develop a vision of your Lean Flow implementation and associated quantifiable benefits.

The Approach

Our 4-hour Executive-Level Workshop is not mere lecture or seminar. It includes hands-on exercises, so your executives may actually apply Lean Flow techniques, as they learn them, in a portable Lean Flow workshop facility.

The Executive-Level Lean Flow Workshop presents the calculations – the mathematical basis for FlowVision Lean Flow. It defines clearly all the data that goes into the calculations. It is also interactive discussion of Lean Flow benefits, how they apply to your business, and a first-pass quantification for you and your analysts to refine.

The Benefits

Here is a partial list of potential Lean Flow benefits we cover in this Workshop:

Financial Benefits
Lead Time Reduction 
Quality Improvements
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Inventory Velocity
  • Reduced Cost of Carrying
  • Reduced Working Capital 
  • Increased Productivity  
  • Market Share and Leverage
  • Premium Pricing 


  • Impact on FGI & WIP Reduction
  • Impact on Traditional Lot Sizes
  • Impact to Queue Time (Waste) 
  • Impact to On-time Shipments
  • Linking Processes Together 
  • Impact of In-Process Kanban
  • Impact on Market Share
  • Impact on “Quick Ship” Pricing 
  • Eliminate in-process Inspection
  • Visual Instruction Sheets
  • Kaizen Techniques
  • Reduced Scrap and Rework
  • Touch for Quality
  • Reduced Variability in Work
  • Standard Work
  • Product Market Value

Your executive team will have a working understanding of math-based, data-driven Lean Flow techniques, and how they apply to make your facility among the world’s most efficient. You will have a foundation for determining your facility’s Lean Flow implementation scope, effort and timeframe. Your executives will have the framework for a quantified Lean Flow ROI analysis.

Here are typical “most efficient facility” results:

  • Production lead time and work-in-process inventory reduced by 75%
  • Finished goods reduced by 50%
  • On-time delivery 90% or higher, achieving targets
  • Workforce productivity up 12%
  • First-full-year return on investment from 4-to-1 to 10-to-1
  • Cash goes up as inventory goes down
  • Floor space is cleared and available for future growth
  • Working capital and other financial measures reflect the results

The Costs

Our pricing varies, based on the number of executives and whether the Workshop is private or public.

Contact us

Call FlowVision at +1.970.262.6536 or contact us to enroll in our Executive-Level Lean Flow Workshop.


Executive-Level Lean Flow Education Workshop



I thought the class went very well. The manual and information is practical and useful. I also felt how questions were addressed and general discussion of workshop was handled very well. The workshop was well worth the time

Mike Howard
John Deere