Lean Flow Education

Techniques, Tools, Calculations –
And Hands-On, Real-World Application

The Need

Lean Flow is not theory. It is not an attitude. Its foundation is a set of industry-proven, data-driven techniques, tools and calculations. So Lean Flow can be both taught and learned.

To ensure that your Lean Flow efforts are successful, and to eliminate confusion, you must educate your team members – workforce and management. Many on your team may have a level of Lean training and experience. But each one likely has a separate idea of what “Lean” is, each uses different “Lean” lingo, and most do not know Flow – the key component to comprehensive Lean.

Lean Flow involves a beneficial yet dramatic change for everyone in your business. As you know from experience, education is a fundamental component of change management, minimizing resistance to change.

Lean Flow delivers enormous return on investment – but only if you implement it both quickly and correctly. To be both quick and correct, your organization needs expert Lean Flow education.

You need FlowVision – we have a complete curriculum of Lean Flow training. We use proven Lean Flow techniques and solid adult-education teaching methods. Our expert instructors have decades of real-world experience. We lead, we guide, and we transfer our techniques to you and your workforce, so you may complete your Lean Flow project as a sustainable Lean Flow business strategy. Our education is the foundation for our Rapid-Lean deployment model that is completed in weeks or a few months, not years.

The Approach

We are Lean and Flow experts. We use, and teach, industry-proven, time-tested, math-based techniques and tools – including kanban, takt, balance and service level. For sustainability, we teach and transfer these techniques and tools to your team and your business. For long-term, business-system-driven perpetuation, we provide proprietary Lean Flow software services, such as our ION Lean Inventory Optimization Network.

We deliver our education both on-site and in public workshops. Our training is always truly a hands-on workshop environment, not a lecture or seminar. Our workshops are real-world. We teach you the techniques, tools and calculations – and their application to your unique environment.

Our complete Lean Flow Workshop educational suite includes:

The Benefits

FlowVision’s complete Lean Flow education curriculum ensures that:

  • Your management team is ready and able to implement, support and sustain Lean Flow
  • Your team members speak a common language, and have the same goals
  • You have a clear, systematic Lean Flow deployment plan to ensure success
  • Your workforce is and willing to change, and primed to do so
  • You deploy Lean Flow in weeks or a few months, not years

Just as your business is different than any other business, your Lean Flow benefit potential is also unique. Typically, our education and implementation clients experience

  • Internal lead-time and work-in-process reductions of 75%
  • Finished-goods reductions of 50%
  • On-time-delivery that achieves strategic target
  • 20% productivity improvements

The Costs

Like anything else of value, real Lean Flow has a cost – not a mere expense, but an investment with a compelling return. These costs include training – up-front education for your Lean Flow implementation team members which equips them to complete the implementation as effectively, and as quickly, as possible.

Many of our clients experience a first-full-year payback of between 4-to-1 and 10-to-1 on their Lean Flow investment. We are confident you will find your Lean Flow benefits, detailed in our Business Assessment, to be most compelling.

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Lean Flow Education



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