Lean Business Assessment

Capturing the Return on Investment for
Your Business in Your Unique Environment

The Need

You know your business will be faster, more competitive and more profitable with Lean Flow. You know you should do it. But where do you start? How long will it take, and who will it involve?

Most importantly, how do you fund it? What quantifiable benefits can you present to your CFO, to authorize and actually implement Lean Flow?

You need a Lean Flow Business Assessment from FlowVision – the Lean Flow experts.

The Approach

We are Lean and Flow experts. We utilize our proprietary mathematically based algorithms to predict the future Lean Flow state of your business. Give us two days on-site, and we will work with you to define a clear, specific Lean Flow implementation plan – including achievable, quantifiable benefits.

To do this, we first spend time with you, your products, your processes and your data. We create for you a Business Assessment, outlining:

  • Scope – which sites, processes, products and markets will provide you with the best and fastest return on your investment
  • Return on investment – our techniques are math-based and fact-driven, so we can reliably quantify your ROI
  • Implementation time frame – Our “Rapid Lean” approach is usually from a few weeks to several months
  • Educational requirements – typically one to two multi-day workshops
  • Implementation team membership and roles – involving your experts, ensuring ownership, sustainability, transfer of Lean Flow techniques, rapid progress and maximum ROI
  • Lean Flow techniques and their application –detailed, specific, and created just for you. We describe how to apply our math-based tools and techniques to your processes. Concise, with no “boilerplate,” the Assessment also serves as the framework for your actual Lean Flow implementation
  • Sustainability plan – how you build Lean Flow into both your business system and your guiding quality documentation – procedures, policies, measures

The Benefits

Just as your business environment is unique, so are your potential Lean Flow benefits. Our Business Assessment details the specific high-level Lean Flow impact on your financial statements:

  • Balance Sheet Cash Flow: cash increases, inventory decreases, working capital improves
  • P&L: The FlowVision Assessment also quantifies benefits, including Lean Flow cost reductions and revenue-increase opportunities from lead-time and service-level improvements
  • Capital Expenditures: Our Business Assessment may uncover floor-space savings so significant that you may delay or cancel previously-planned capital investments for expansion

In most cases, as we and our clients implement Lean Flow – based on the Assessment – they are able to both reduce inventory and raise customer-service levels.

Typically, if the client manufactures in-house, our customers experience internal lead-time and work-in-process reductions of 75%, finished-goods reductions of 50%, on-time delivery that achieves strategic targets, and 20% productivity improvements.

We are confident you will find your Lean Flow benefits, detailed in our Business Assessment, to be most compelling.

The Costs

Like anything else of value, our Lean Flow Business has a cost –an investment that gets you started on your company’s Lean Flow journey.

As your FlowVision Business Assessment provides your business with decision-making support to implement Lean Flow with our help, expect to meet or exceed your targeted benefits.

Many of our clients experience a first-full-year payback of between 4-to-1 and 10-to-1 on their Lean Flow investment. When your FlowVision Business Assessment details your Lean Flow ROI potential, you will find it most persuasive.

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Lean Business Assessment


"Overall, I think that FlowVision presented a lot of information, in a short time, very effectively, and that builds a good basis to get Flow started at any facility.

Dion Faucheux
Tyco International