FlowVision Introduces Our Newest Software Product:
ION – Inventory Optimization Network

The Need

Your ERP system is fundamental to your fulfillment goals – that’s why you went through the massive effort of implementing. However, from a Lean perspective, ERP systems have limitations: They are designed to manage within your four walls. They don’t readily support Lean facilities and techniques. They do not employ Statistical KanbanTM strategies. And they don’t offer visibility into your supply chain.

You know a kanban pull system is the ideal methodology for managing materials, but traditional kanban has its faults: Until now, it worked best with visible signals. Until now, you haven’t had a simple way to adjust kanban sizes. Until now, kanban sizing techniques worked only if your product and/or component demand was constant.

To marry the benefits and power of ERP and kanban, Re-Order Point, or ROP, is the best vehicle. This, of course, means that ROP must be:

  • Electronic – A computer, not an empty bin, signals replenishment work
  • Dynamic – ROP is automatically resized as business conditions change
  • Exception-Based and Approval-Ready – Proposed ROP changes must be relevant, and follow appropriate approval
  • Statistical – Calculates inventory levels to ensure they meet your target customer service levels
  • Supply Chain Ready – Able to be deployed within your facilities, or all across your supply chain

Whether your company is vertically integrated or 100% outsourced, supply-chain management impacts almost every line on your financial statements. You have made the commitment to be a Lean organization, but you need the tools to sustain your implementation.

The Approach

ION is FlowVision’s flagship product, designed specifically to manage material in a Lean environment. ION solves the issues that traditional kanban techniques present.

The web-hosted solution enables you to receive kanban triggers electronically. Data feeds routinely update the ION database, adjusting kanban levels to reflect your current business environment. Our proprietary mathematical statistical algorithms calculate optimal inventory levels, driving your customer service levels to new heights.

Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), the ION application allows your users – at any point in your supply chain – to securely access appropriate stocking information. Users inside and outside your corporation can collaborate on stocking decisions and customer service levels.

A typical engagement begins with an on-site Business Assessment. FlowVision provides experienced business consultants for a 2- to 4-day period to analyze thoroughly your supply chain needs. Upon completion of the assessment, we deliver a full report detailing all the benefits, costs, time frames, target areas and techniques associated with our proposed Lean Flow implementation. We generate a detailed return-on-investment (ROI) analysis as a basis for your business justification of all future work.

This scalable solution is easily configured to size inventory properly at any location within your supply chain. Whether sizing inventory simply for your stockroom, or sizing inventory for your entire supply chain, ION accommodates your needs.

Our “Rapid-Lean” implementations allow you quickly to achieve significant ROI in a short period of time. Our professional implementation services deliver simultaneously reduced inventory and increased order fulfillment levels.

The Benefits

FlowVision has pioneered the idea that Lean Supply Chains are only a few weeks away. Our “Rapid-Lean” implementation services provide fast results including decreased inventories, increased service levels, reduced off-balance-sheet liabilities, enhanced cash flow and improved collaborations with customers and suppliers.

ION implementations can create benefits that include:

Reduce lost sales by 30% - 50%

Reduce Inventory Obsolescence 25% - 50%

Improve Service Levels 10% - 35%

Reduce Floor Space 10% - 25%

Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs 15% - 40%

Improve cash flow

Reduce Inventory 15% - 40%

Reduce Warehouse (DCs) costs 10% - 25%

Increase Productivity 5% - 15%

Reduce IT costs 5% -14%

The Cost

FlowVision provides scalable solutions for any size business. A typical investment made in FlowVision’s services will provide a 4-to-1 to 10-to-1 payback within the first year of implementation. Our Business Assessment details all costs and benefits.
Click here to download the ION product Data Sheet.

Download a ION Product Data Sheet.

Download FlowVision Husqvarna ION White Paper

Call FlowVision at +1.408.382.1944 or contact us to get started with a Business Assessment for your company. FlowVision can help turn your inventory into cash and your supply chain into a lean extension of your facilities.


ION Logo

“ION has allowed Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS) Service Parts Planners to focus on the items that are of the most importance to our customers. By focusing on the correct items the company, in just four months, realized an inventory reduction of $500,000. The FlowVision® planning methodology identified, at the beginning of the implementation, an inventory reduction target of $1,500,000. ION enabled ALS to achieve 35% of the goal in just a few months. Since the planners are now "working" the correct parts, the same material planners were able to quickly identify material that could be restocked with suppliers and/or utilized by the plant for production driving additional cost savings.

The planning methodology is sound which is only surpassed by the information being presented in a user friendly and intuitive software package. ”

Brian Stark
General Manager - Genuine Parts
Alliance Laundry Systems LLC