FlowVision® Featured in GMPRO Magazine in a 3 Part Series on Lean Flow in the Green Industry

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If your operations are small ($2MM) or if they are large (+100MM) Lean Flow is applicable to your company. Some of you think that because you are not as large as some of your competitors you can't implment Lean Flow. Well now is that you are small and plan to grow what better opportunity to use the Lean Flow tools to help you organize your processes and procedures in a Lean Flow way. With the Lean Flow tools in place your company will be able to grow in a controlled fashion as opposed to uncontrolled growth that leads to poor management, higher cost and lower profits.

Look for the 3rd part of this three part series in the December issue of GMPRO Magazine. To learn how your company can become lean contact us at info@flowvision.com or Gary Cortés at cortes@flowvision.com.

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