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Lean Flow Workshops for the Green Industry


As you begin deciding which trade shows and conferences you will be attending this year the one thing to keep in mind is what will you get out of the shows. With the price of fuel increasing daily and cuttng into your profits, you are probably looking to see if you can find ways at these conferences to reduce cost to offset the rising fuel prices. You may say you'll increae your price - this is probably not the answer so what can you do to reduce cost? Lean flow may be the answer to help drive down your cost and improve profits. Lean Flow is a Business Strategy that has been helping companies throughout the "Green Industry" become more profitable. Although Lean Flow can't help with the price of fuel it can help flow your product through your processes quicker and more efficiently.

What would you say if:

  • Your production area- sticking lines, transplant lines, seeding lines could get 20 - 40% more output with the same number of people that you have today.
  • Overtime during peak weeks is virtually eliminated.
  • Peak weeks are no longer chaotic and your employees don't fear them anymore
  • You increase sell through to over 90% while reducing shrink
  • Pay by scan growers inventory at the store level is reduced while at the same time sales increase, and so does sell through
  • You can recoup your investment within the first season

Sounds to good to be true? Well, these benefits are not wishful thinking, these are actual benefits that our customers have achieved with the implementation of Lean Flow.  FlowVision is the leading Lean Flow consulting company in the Green Industry, that uses mathematical models to give our customers these dramatic improvements and improve their bottom line. So since you probably can't do much to lower the price of fuel, you can do something to reduce other costs that will improve your bottom line.

So as you make your decision on which conference(s) you should attend think about attending one of FlowVision's 2-Day Lean Flow Workshops. This will be probably be the best money you'll spend on any conference this year.

West Palm Beach, Florida
June 24 - 25
San Diego, California
July 8 - 9

The San Diego Workshop is sponsored by the San Diego Flower and Plant Association. To learn more about the workshops visit us at www.flowvision.com.

To register for any of these workshops please contact Gary Cortés at 561.301.8740 or via email at cortes@flowvision.com.

Steve (FlowVision Senior Consultant), just wanted to let you know how well lean flow worked for us during peak week. Kim was on vacation, and I was doing two jobs, so I decided to implement a super market for plants, as well as work orders for each belt. We started by labeling each belt line with a name, north, and south, and then labeling the plant store houses with north, and south. I gave each belt lead a clip board with work orders for the week, and all I had to do was keep the super market full. The crews flexed back, and forth between the belts like they had been doing this from day one. I posted each days production on the blackboard, and just like you said, they were very interested in the days total. They are very proud at what they have done, and are looking at beating that 6500 flat record. And the best part, we didn't work ourselves to death. The fact is, we don`t feel we had a peak week. Thank you so much for your help in us learning how well lean flow works. Tell the folks at Aurora they are going to love lean flow. It really makes a difference. Sincerely, Renee Pederson

Renee Pederson
Smith Gardens
Bellingham, WA