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FlowVision the Lean Business & Supply Chain Consulting Group

FlowVision is a worldwide business consulting company. Corporate executive leadership engages us to dramatically improve their operating results. We significantly impact our clients’ financial statements by implementing sustainable Lean practices and principles in a variety of areas within the company. We are different from other firms because our approach is mathematically based. We are practical, real-world and hands-on. We use proprietary algorithms that enable our customers simultaneously to improve customer service level and quality while reducing inventory and cash needs. Since our approach is mathematically based, we are able to work in all industries.

We are the only business consulting company to offer a complete suite of products and services to ensure our customers’ success. We provide our clients with business analysis, consulting, education and the software products – everything they need to succeed. Our improvements to service level, productivity, quality, repeatability and freed-up cash usually provide a payback of at least 500% in the first full year.


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About Us


"FlowVision helped reduce our inventory by 50% along with achieving a 14% gain in productivity. We completed our transition on schedule and within budget. The results have been sustainable after line-live. It was easy to train our employees because FlowVision's approach is math and science, not art.”

Scott Gaster
VP Operations
Alliance Laundry