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Ensuring Our Customers are the Most Competitive Company in their Served Market

Who are we?

FlowVision is a full-service provider of Lean Business and Supply Chain Consulting Services. We deliver a complete suite of Lean Services for manufacturing companies and their supply chains. Our real-world expertise in lead-time reduction and supply chain management has helped leading corporations become significantly more profitable and competitive.

What do we do?

Every company today is challenged with managing increasing costs and intense competition. This is nowhere more prevalent than in the manufacturing sector. Whether you are vertically integrated or use an outsource model, you experience missed order dates, high product cost, declining market share due to delivery time or cost problems, or limited capacity. FlowVision can help.

What are the benefits?

Lean Flow consulting has an immediate, positive impact on your company. Your application of Lean Flow techniques drives your company to a healthier financial situation. FlowVision’s Lean Flow Mixed Model Line Design delivers tangible benefits. Results vary, but here are just some typical savings and improvements that our customers have experienced:

Cost Saving Reductions:

  • Manufacturing lead-time reductions of 50 to 98%
  • Facility-wide inventory reductions of up to 67%
  • Raw material inventory reductions of 50% or more
  • Work-in-Process reductions of 90% or more
  • Finished goods inventory reductions of 75% or more

Critical Business Improvements:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Increased inventory turns of 2-3 fold
  • Workmanship-related quality issues improved by 50%
  • On-time order shipments level increased to 90% or better
  • Improved productivity through the elimination of waste
  • Improved floor space utilization by greater than 25%

How do we do it?

FlowVision offers a variety of services, including:

  • Business Analysis, a detailed report identifying your target implementation area, associated benefits, educational requirements, timeframe, and resource requirements
  • Workshops, e.g., Lean Flow Line Design & Factory Design and Lean Material Strategy
  • Implementation, beginning by collecting validated and formalized activity data. This data ultimately becomes the basis for line and kanban design and maintenance.
  • Software products including our new ION (Inventory Optimization Network) application. ION enables you to set ROP values using FlowVision’s proprietary, mathematically-based statistical sizing methodology. 
  • Audit Service, offering you the opportunity to have a team of our experienced consultants return to your implementation site. We measure the success of your initial implementation, and offer assistance for continuous improvement.

How do we work with clients?

Every member of our organization has multiple years of individual "real-world" execution experience in Fortune 1000 companies across the globe. FlowVision offers implementation programs that are tailored to your specific needs. This customization lets you implement at your own best pace. Regardless of the time frame, our deliverables are still the same - complete satisfaction.
For clients using MRP systems, your system can be modified in order to complement the new Lean Flow techniques implemented in your the production processes. At the completion of your Lean Flow implementation, we leave you with the line-design and kanban-sizing tools, for you to use and reference. You may then keep your Lean Flow data current with your continuous improvements.

What industries use our services?

FlowVision has successful clients over a wide range of industries, including:

Computer Hardware

Semiconductor Equipment


Material Handling Equipment




Farm Equipment

Railroad Transportation Equipment


Plumbing Products

Process industry

Machine Tools



Household Appliances

Injection Molding Facilities

Machining/Fabrication Environments

Electric Motors

Power and Hand Tools

Power Generation Systems
(Steam and Gas)

Medical Device and Medical Equipment

Electronic/PCBA Assembly/SMT

Plant/Flower Greenhouses Nurseries


Pumps and Compressors



Contact us

Call FlowVision at +1.970.262.6536 or contact us to get started with a Business Assessment for your company.

About FlowVision


"The results of the effort met or exceeded all expectations: 40% savings in material cost, 70% reduction in product lead time, 10% reduction in scrap, 15% improvement in employee productivity, 5% improvement in fulfillment rate, and 80% reduction in overtime costs. Our project ROI was achieved only 6 weeks following the project close, and we are on track to realize almost $1 million in overall savings in the first year. Our experience with FlowVision has been outstanding, and we will certainly use them again during our next round of improvements!”

John Rush
Chief Executive Offer
NAS Medical